Good design should not be interpreted, it should be understood

A few weeks after revealing the new logo we feel the need to share with you some background on the creative process that led us to how we wish our brand to resonate.

In the last post you could read why we decided to change our image, now let’s focus only on the outcome.


The logo was supposed to illustrate and emphasise our tagline: THE ART OF USEFUL, which encompasses what we are best at – creating solutions that are both functional and beautifully designed.

This promise that we give to our clients is visualised in our logo, mainly in the symbol. Regular hexagon is a manifestation of symmetry, analytical approach and order – the useful part of what we do. We combined it with an ink drop that symbolises art – looking beyond IT, paying a lot attention to design. Finally a caret, as an umbrella above the two – character of exponentiation, making a point of helping our clients achieve more.

There’s more than that. The logo took inspiration from the reptile we chose to share name with - tuatara.

Tuatara’s skin, as most reptiles, is covered with scales that resemble a hexagon, it’s eye has a shape similar to a drop.

There is one more reference in the logo we will keep secret for now.


Some say good design should not be interpreted, it should be understood. As we strive to find best solutions for the digital natives, asking Google for interpretation of our symbol seems quite a good idea. So we did.

Google Search by Image gives it’s best guess by describing the symbol as innovation consultancy. Not only is this as unbiased as it may be, we also find it very accurate.

Finally, we should give credit to the creative agency that supported us in the process. But we actually don’t have to, as the whole process was done by Tuatara’s experts alone.

Artful solutions require a corresponding image

Tuatara was founded only two years ago. But during those two years we grew dynamically and expanded heavily. In number of employees, in competencies, in revenue. The growth was so natural, that we hardly noticed the image we had chosen in the beginning was no longer corresponding with the distinctive company we have become.

Last Thursday we had the pleasure to reveal to our Polish clients some of the changes that will make Tuatara more relevant visually. It’s high time we share it with everybody.


It’s not easy to pull two years of experiences into a one-minute movie. We tried though, as pictures speak louder than words.


The story of Tuatara should actually start with two men sitting at their desks in a corporate-like open space surrounding. They would look out the window, see Dreamliner aircrafts flying over the corporate-like building. So close you could almost see the faces of passengers. Definitely close enough to hear the deafening sound of engines.

Those men would look at the planes and come to a conclusion that the corporate-like surrounding might not be where they actually wanted to be. They would have a dream of making a difference, disrupting the IT industry by focusing not on technologies themselves but creating something that is both useful and beautiful. And so they started realising the dream by founding Tuatara. Their passion, vision and competence attracted more enthusiasts. Which is how it has been going for over two years now.


Tuatara has a mission of translating business needs of our clients into artful solutions. Solutions that are beautifully designed but at the same time stay pragmatic.

These solutions have to keep up with and outpace the rapidly changing environment, because we believe that with our help each organization can find its own way in the digital economy.

Creating artful solutions that are able to satisfy the requirements of the digital economy craves for an image that reflects our brand’s best self and the mission we undertook.

These foundations resulted in creating a logo and tagline that we wanted to share with you.


It’s how we see our role in the digital economy, combining the art of strong design-based approach with the usefulness of Advanced Analytics, Business Process Management, Consulting, Digital Transformation and Enterprise Content Management. Because IT can also be an art. The art of useful.

Anticipating demand of digital natives - meeting

How long should it take a company to respond to breaking news and events on social media? Hours? Minutes? Seconds? 26% marketers say it's seconds, but at the same time it takes more than 30 minutes for almost half of companies*.

On 9th March Tuatara will host a meeting for clients and partners, where we are going to show real life examples on how to anticipate demand of customers, who are now described as digital natives - regularly interacting with technology, thinking differently and more consciously than ever.

There are technologies and solutions that can help companies address those increasing needs, we know them, we have helped our clients to use them and we are more than willing to share the knowledge and ideas that are first of a kind.

For more details, please visit:

If you would like to join, please write an email to, we will confirm your participation.

*data from: "Making Real-Time Moments Matter", Wayin 2015

Congratulations to Omantel on winning Award for Excellence

Tuatara wishes to sincerely congratulate our client - Omantel, first and leading telecommunications services provider in Oman, for winning a prestigious Sultan Qaboos Award for Excellence in eGovernment 2016. The award is a strong proof that the omnichannel project is successfully bolstering the national information society by nurturing an interactive, proactive and reactive e-community in support of the e.oman vision for higher economic, social and cultural progress.

The prize is awarded every two years by the ruler of Oman, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said. An international Jury has determined that Omantel's mobile application offers its customers digital experience at a level equal to the most advanced applications of this type in the world.

Tuatara is very proud to be a part of the omnichannel project, where technology, such as the one in the below movie, can serve a greater cause.

Tuatara on GITEX Technology Week Dubai

From 16th till 20th of October Tuatara will be present at the GITEX Technology Week ( in Dubai.

With IT spending in the Middle East projected to reach US $212.9 billion in 2016, a 3.7% increase from 2015, GITEX Technology Week as the largest regional IT exhibition will play a more significant role in 2016 than ever before.

As well as defining the latest trends, presenting high calibre speakers and showcasing product innovations from across the world, this year, GITEX is bringing together the most innovative, exciting and ambitious tech startups to showcase their world changing ideas to an audience of hand-picked international investors.

Tuatara will be presenting our solutions in the areas of:

  • Digital Front Office
  • Big Data, Real-time Analytics and Personalised Marketing
  • Business Process Management and System Integration.

Visit us in Dubai World Trade Centre, Sheikh Rashid Hall, SR-E30.

New mobile application of Omantel is live

The new, completely redesigned mobile application of Omantel is live in the Apple App Store and Google Play, available for subscribers to use.

The application features many new functions, such as the ability to monitor current costs and services usage, transfer funds to prepaid accounts, locate nearest Outlets and many others.

Design of the application is in line with the world standards and best practices, ensuring smooth and effective use.


Tuatara has started two projects in Oman

Tuatara has engaged with Gulf Business Machines Oman to jointly deliver two innovative IT projects to one of the biggest companies on the Omani market. Tuatara team will help unify the user experience through design and implementation of the new portal and mobile application. Our solution will also enable the customer to perform real-time analysis of network data and execute advanced marketing scenarios based on in-the-moment context of their users.,28381,tuatara-wygrala-w-omanie