the future of own products marketing

  • Big Data real-time analysis

  • Finding right time and appropriate channel to interact with a customer

  • Creating a dynamic, constantly updated user profile

  • Integration of all types of data sources: location, static profile, user’s use of data, phone calls, SMS and MMS history, Deep Packet Inspection, data from mobile application, STB, social networks


certainty of compliance with RODO/GDPR

  • Detection of personal and sensitive data

  • Analysis of structured and unstructured data sources

  • Advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms

  • Data scanning, classification, cataloguing and protection

  • Building a central register of personal data processing

  • Using data to build additional value - fraud detection, customer’s profile supply, up-sell and cross-sell

revolution in digital marketing - based on the API Economy

  • An innovative platform for cooperation between entities from different industries

  • Integration of data from distributed sources

  • Hyper-precision marketing campaigns - marketing to the segment of one

  • Unsurpassed accuracy of targeting

  • Full privacy protection and compliance with the requirements for the protection of personal data

  • Generating additional revenue sources for each platform participant



  • Unified and advanced portal platform for the e-services with possibility to expose user’s services and APIs to partners

  • A standalone business rules engine which allows exposing the business rule as a service

  • Based on configurable mechanisms, where business rules and flows are highly flexible and can accommodate with changing conditions

  • Dedicated Integration Platform built on SOA reference architecture

  • Allows business users to model the business processes in a graphical way and increase the insights of the user’s management on working progress

  • The solution supports required IT standards and is built on IBM components


fully psd2 compliant solution for an innovative open banking

  • Fintin is a secure and market-ready solution fully compatible with PSD2 EU directive. It was created for those TPPs, who want to introduce their PSD2-driven innovations quickly to the market.

  • The solution is a comprehensive PSD2 standards’ adapter, a remedy to multiple integration problems. No matter which bank throughout the whole European Union you would like to integrate with – Fintin will do the work for you.

  • Fintin is the next step to innovative open banking. It can be used to introduce an application that gathers all account data in one place – giving customers greater control over their financial products than ever before.

  • With Fintin users can repay loans, send money to friends or family members, or even pay any bills. Securely in just few clicks.